New Blood Awards Brief In 2020

The New Blood Awards Brief In

D&AD New Blood Awards 2020

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About this course

Industry inspired content, delivered with a bag full of New Blood energy.

Each year the D&AD New Blood team hit the road to talk about the awards, the briefs and give students top tips on how to win. This course is a way for us to deliver this information to those who we don't get to meet in-person, and for those who did to hear more and follow a workshop in their own time.

This course brings you behind-the-scenes view of the New Blood Awards, industry insights, themes of the year, hints and tips to winning and a fast-and-furious workshop to take you one step closer to that elusive Yellow Pencil.

Course content

About the Course

About this course

A bit of background...

What is D&AD

What is New Blood?

Why enter and what do you win?

How to enter

How judging works

Tips from the brands

Brand Tips




Burger King




Google & HMCT



The LEGO Group




Rare + Xbox

The Case For Her + Teen Vogue


VBAT | Superunion


Judges' Tips

Research it

Keep it simple

Keep it real

Prototype it

Use tech well

Workshop Time

Before you start

Get to know your brief

Do your research

Ideas, ideas, ideas

Iterate it

Sell it

The end

Meet the expert

D&AD Team: Marie Dryden

Marie is Foundation Manager at D&AD and the facilitator here to help you every step of the way. She runs the New Blood Awards programme and delivers educational content for those in school and university. When she's not at D&AD, she spends her time running, eating pizza and learning italian.


debbie chin and 696 others have booked this class


Truly motivating and a great insight into what exactly we need to win!

Parker H

samantha jenkins

Ioana Nestorescu

Dr W B Scott-Jackson

Tilly de Verteuil

michael candido

Louise Aspinall

aitor baigorri

Jak Mckinley-Good

Monica Lely

Despina Psara


Lauren Oosterlinck

This course was really informative and thorough! I really enjoyed the wealth of information provided for each segment and how it was presented in snack-sized pieces. The videos added depth and context, while making the course more entertaining. Thank you for making this course available for free!

Ebenezer Ravi

Hannah Tunley

Mario Romero

Rachel Willcox

sanduni attanayake

Elize Celic

Ema Vukas

Eleanor Spickett

Megan Leanne Lenton

Emil Evans

Jorge del Río



Fernanda Stipkovic

Daniella Villalobos

Bryan Wahrman

Paul Pieuchot

super insightful!


Alexander Ayodele-Otele

Very insightful, a step by step guide of how to complete a brief

Alysa Browne

George panicker

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