STORYTELLING #1: The Fundamentals

0.1 A welcome from Patrick Burgoyne, CEO at D&AD

A compelling story, well-told, can build the kind of emotional attachment between consumer and brand that cold, hard data can never replace. 

Who are we? Why are we doing this? What is our place in the world? Why should you care about us? In the answers to such fundamental questions lie some of the most compelling and persuasive advertising and brand strategies. And when consumers are demanding so much more from brands in terms of their support for certain values or their role as good corporate citizens, storytelling dramatises actions, aspirations and commitments that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Great stories are as old as humanity itself. They are how we make sense of the world and of ourselves. Great stories can inspire us, move us, help us see the world anew. And we love to share them as much as we love to hear them.

Stories have also proved remarkably adaptable to our new platforms  – think Twitter threads, TedTalks or even, yes, Instagram Stories. 

So how do they work? This course explores the principles of great storytelling, from plot to structure, to narrative arc and characterisation. And it will also help you understand how to apply those principles to the world of commercial creativity, whether your chosen storytelling platform is a piece of packaging, a game, a film or any other medium.

Brilliant ideas, brilliantly brought to life - it’s what D&AD has championed for over 50 years. So come and learn how it’s done, because we all love a good story.

Patrick Burgoyne