Storytelling #2: Brand Storytelling

2.1 Welcome to Part 2: Brand Storytelling

All brands have a story. Whether a new start-up, a disruptor or a household name, each brand will have a unique history, set of values and a vision. Through this, we can define and craft brand stories and weave them in to the design, communications and experiences to ensure consistent and effective messaging.

This course, Part 2 of the ‘Storytelling for Action’ series, will give you the tools you need to define, craft and apply brand stories.

Through a selection of videos, articles, discussions with industry experts from agencies and brands including Superunion, NB Studio and The Gut Stuff, and D&AD Award winning archive work, you will explore:

  • Why brand storytelling is effective
  • What do we mean by brand storytelling
  • How to find and articulate a brand story
  • How to establish the brand story across different touch points 
Let's re-meet course leaders Jane and Chris, who will be guiding you through all things Brand Storytelling.