Storytelling #2: Brand Storytelling

2.3 Defining brand storytelling

Now that we’ve clarified what a 'brand' is, how do we define the sometimes abstract concept of a 'brand story'?


Since the dawn of humanity, stories have been the mechanism for how we understand ourselves, the world and our place in it. And for brands, it’s no different. All brands - whether they realise it or not - are storytellers. 

But brand storytelling is so much bigger than a piece of content, or a campaign. Each of those amount to just a page or chapter in a brand’s story. Consistency is key with a brand story - if those pages jump all over the place - changing voices and directions without reason - we, as the audience, can quickly lose the thread of their story, their message - and with it, our interest.

But rather than telling a single story on repeat, which would be restricting and tedious, successful brand stories have overarching themes that they riff off, reacting and responding to ensure their story remains thematically consistent, but topically relevant.