Storytelling #3: The Application of Storytelling

3.6 Know the end at the beginning

We all know that every good story has a clearly defined beginning, middle and end. While it’s only natural to start at the beginning, it’s essential to know where you’re going to be ending up.

This is true not just for the story itself but also for the creative process.

By this stage of the process you should have a clear understanding of your brief, the strategy, and the controlling idea.

But before you launch in to thinking about how people are going to experience your story, there’s a few things to consider…


To recap, before you get too far into the process of creating your story, ensure you have a clear idea of:

  • Time scale
    How long do you have to tell your story? 5 minutes or 2 hours?
  • Reach
    How many people will be seeing your story simultaneously? 1 or 1 million?
  • Experience
    How and where and when will people interact with and engage with your story? 
  • Demographic
    Who are your audiences and how much do they already know of your story?

For the next few lessons, we’re going to be looking at some of the different channels available for storytelling, their strengths and things to be aware of.