How to have great creative ideas for advertising and design

0.2 Welcome to the Art and Science of Creative Ideas

D&AD is delighted that you're joining us on this journey into creative ideas.

By the end of this five-part course, you will have the knowledge to create, push and refine your creative ideas, and have heard from some of the best creative minds in the advertising and design industries.

Great ideas don't appear by magic; we'll be breaking the process down into five main steps: 

  • Week 1: Think It
  • Week 2: Commercialise It
  • Week 3: Create It
  • Week 4: Push It
  • Week 5: Refine It

While all of the content is available to you right away so that you can manage your own learning, we strongly recommend that you follow the course one module per week in chronological order so that you can build up your work and share with fellow learners.

As well as a rich collection of videos and articles, there are also lots of ways to interact with and engage with the course:


These are quick-fire questions to get you thinking about what you've just watched or read. You won't need to spend long on these, and while they're optional, you might it helpful to share your thinking. This can help to focus your thoughts and gain new insights from your fellow learners.


Throughout the course, there are some bigger discussions and challenges that will have their own step. They will either prompt you to share your thoughts in the comments or upload images or videos to share. These will require a bit more time and thought, but try and have a go as you progress.

Project Development

So you can practice while you learn, we recommend working on a single brief throughout the course. You can either pick a challenge of your own or work on a D&AD brief that we'll provide in Part 2. While this might take a bit more of your time, we strongly recommend giving it a go as it will give you a chance to apply all your new skills. We recommend saving some time at the end of each week to work on your project and share your progress.

Many of the steps will include snippets of adverts and other creative work, with a link to the whole video included at the bottom of the page. To access these videos from the D&AD archive, you will need to register on the D&AD website. This is free and optional - you do not need to watch the videos to complete the course, but we do recommend doing so.

To get warmed up, use the discussion section below to tell us a bit about why you're taking this course. What do you hope to achieve at the end of the five weeks?