Learn the fundamentals of creative strategy

As someone who works in the commercial creative industries, you’re job is to connect with people. An end audience to advertise to, sell to, connect with, persuade, and more.

But this audience is busy. Busy living their lives, working, sleeping, seeing friends. In order to reach this audience, you need to cut through. And your best chance at this is down to your strategy.

In this course, we explore how to create a brilliant connective creative strategy. We’ll cover core skills from understanding your audience, researching and empathising with them, and stepping into their world, to connecting authentically to understanding the role of emotion, ethics, and bias, this course will provide a tool kit to create connective strategies of your own.

This course is part 1 of our Strategy 101 series, covering the funadamenals of creative strategy.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Understand your audience

    • Welcome to part 1: Understand your audience

    • Why does the audience matter?

    • Identifying the challenge

    • The importance of research

    • Exploring data

    • Qualitative research

    • Finding your audience

    • Getting out of a research rut

    • Task: Creative Research

    • Wrap-up: Understanding your audience

  • 3

    Step into their world

    • Welcome to part 2: Step into their world

    • Research >> Insight >> Ideas

    • Step into their world

    • The unchanging truths

    • Finding insight with empathy

    • Building an empathy map

    • Case study #1: Nothing Beats a Londoner

    • Case study #2: #wombstories

    • Case study #3: Nobody is Normal

    • Mapping media

    • Marketing funnel and customer journey

    • Considering touchpoints

    • Task: Synthesising your research

    • Wrap-up: Step into their world

  • 4

    Authenticity, bias and ethics

    • Welcome to part 3: Authenticity, bias and ethics

    • Understanding cultural context

    • Connecting authentically

    • Finding your authentic voice

    • Keeping an open mind

    • Understanding bias

    • Moral strategy

    • Task: Cultural context

    • Wrap up: Audience, bias and ethics

  • 5

    Hack the human brain

    • Welcome to part 4: Hack the human brain

    • Employing bias

    • Systems thinking

    • Making it memorable

    • Making an emotional conection

    • Pull the right lever

    • Provoking emotions

    • How to change behaviour

    • EAST in action

    • Use persuasion

    • Task: Making it memorable

    • Wrap-up: Hack the human brain

    • Wrap-up: Connective Strategy

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