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The D&AD Digital Campus combines world-class industry insights with a self-serve digital platform, making it available globally and in your own time, at your own pace.

Whether you're in the creative industry or are looking to embed the power of creativity into your business, our programmes are carefully developed to meet these needs and increase profitability. We constantly review and update the courses that are available on the D&AD Digital Campus to reflect the ever-changing nature of culture, technology and the industry we work with.

Every year, our annual awards identify the most inspiring and innovative examples of creative communication from around the world. And the people behind this work? They're the creatives, writers, designers, entrepreneurs and business leaders we get to share their knowledge with you in these online courses.

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With the perfect mix of theory and practice, D&AD's Digital Campus gives you both the theory and the tools and techniques to use in your day-to-day roles.

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Designed to be a collaborative experience, our courses aren't about learning in isolation. Work with your fellow participants, discuss on each other's work and receive feedback from the course leaders.

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In all our courses you'll hear from top creatives from across the design and advertising industry. Award winners, agency owners, old-hands and fresh talent all give their tips and techniques for you to learn from.

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No matter where you are in the world, the Digital Campus will fit around your schedule. Work your way through the syllabus at your own pace, from any location.


A disrupter’s guide to thinking big and making Digital products

5 Lessons included in this course


Overcoming your self-doubt

6 Lessons included in this course


Why do we use story, how to build story and how to create stories to drive action.

16 Lessons included in this course


How and where to apply effective storytelling to communications

34 Lessons included in this course


What is brand storytelling and how can we use it to engage our audience.

13 Lessons included in this course


Having, stretching and selling creative ideas - course open from November 4 2019

61 Lessons included in this course


All 3 parts of our Storytelling for Action course series. Learn the fundamental building blocks of crafting an effective story, learn how to embed this story deep within a brand before deep-diving in to how to tell your story to communicate the right messages to the right people on the right platformsIncludes: Part 1: Storytelling: the fundamentals, Part 2: Brand storytelling & Part 3: The application of storytellingPart 1: Storytelling: The FundamentalsStory is an age-old, tried and tested technique in communications. But in order to tell effective stories, first you have to understand how they work.Part 1 of the ‘Storytelling for Action’ series will give you the building blocks and fundamental knowledge you need to effectively use narrative in any creative medium.Course leader, award winning documentary filmmaker Sophie Robinson, is joined by industry experts including Richard Brim from adam&eveDBB, Sir Alan Parker, and representatives from agencies including Ogilvy Roots and 4Creative.Through a selection of videos, articles, discussions and D&AD Award winning archive work, you will explore:Why we use storytellingHow to build an effective storyHow to build a story with a purposeUnderstanding the building blocks of stories, including narrative structureKnowing when to play by, and when to break the rulesPart 2: Brand StorytellingAll brands have a story. Whether a new start-up, a disruptor or a household name, each brand will have a unique history, set of values and a vision. Through this, we can define and craft brand stories and weave them in to the design, communications and experiences to ensure consistent and effective messaging.Part 2 of the ‘Storytelling for Action’ series will give you the tools you need to define, craft and apply brand stories.D&ADs ‘Most awarded Design Agency’, JKR will be leading the course, sharing tools, tips and case studies, and will be joined by industry experts from agencies and brands including Superunion, NB Studio and The Gut Stuff .Through a selection of videos, articles, discussions, tasks and D&AD Award winning archive work, you will explore:Why brand storytelling is effectiveWhat do we mean by brand storytellingHow to find and articulate a brand storyHow to establish the brand story across different touch points Part 3: The application of storyWIth more channels than ever, and our audiences attention being fought for like never before, we need to be sharing the best, most relevant stories with the right people in the right places.Part 3 of the ‘Storytelling for Action’ series explores how to use stories that will cut through the noise and elicit results.Course leader, award winning documentary filmmaker Sophie Robinson, is joined by industry experts from agencies including TBWA, adam&eveDDB, Wolff Olins, Publicis Sapient and the Mill.Through a selection of videos, articles, discussions, tasks and D&AD Award winning archive work, you will explore:How to apply effective storytellingThe strategy behind using storyEnsuring your story is on briefInsights into effective storytellingThe potential and limitations of different channels to tell storiesExploring film, long and short-form copy, packagingUnderstanding the role of editingFinding and telling authentic storiesHow to tell stories in the digital spaceUnderstanding the different social media channelsImmersive stories and new technologiesLooking at the world of gaming and what we can learn from itTransmedia storytellingHow to build stories across platformsMapping user journeys and multi channel storiesWho are these courses for?For everyone who wants to understand how to use story for more effective marketing and brand communications.Illustrations by Lottie Hall

3 Courses included in this bundle

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