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Every year, our annual awards identify the most inspiring and innovative examples of creative communication from around the world. And the people behind this work? They're the creatives, writers, designers, entrepreneurs and business leaders we get to share their knowledge with you in these online courses.

The D&AD Digital Campus combines world-class industry insights with a self-serve digital platform that is available to a global audience. We constantly review and update the courses that are available on the D&AD Digital Campus to reflect the ever-changing nature of culture, technology and the industries we work with.

Whether you're in the creative industry or a looking to embed the power of creativity into your business, our programmes are carefully developed to meet these needs and increase profitability, and are now available digitally to complete at your own pace.

Take the online offline

With the perfect mix of theory and practice, D&AD's Digital Campus gives you both the theory and the tools and techniques to use in your day-to-day roles.

Receive feedback and join in virtual classrooms

Designed to be a collaborative experience, our courses aren't about learning in isolation. Work with your fellow participants, discuss on each other's work and receive feedback from the course leaders.

Learn from the best

In all our courses you'll hear from top creatives from across the design and advertising industry. Award winners, agency owners, old-hands and fresh talent all give their tips and techniques for you to learn from.

Learn at your own pace

No matter where you are in the world, the Digital Campus will fit around your schedule. Work your way through the syllabus at your own pace, from any location.


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Having, stretching and selling creative ideas - course starting May 13 2019

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