Out-of-home advertising brings a wealth of opportunity. If you get it right, it can become part of culture, physically in your audience's everyday life and not something distant on a screen. But, so often what we see on the streets falls short. 

In this free course, we'll cover some of the basics to help you create more impactful and memorable outdoor advertising. From exploring the landscape - both above ground and underground on London's iconic TFL network - to combining objectives, location, contextual data, technology, budget and more to give your out-of-home the biggest chance of success.

This course was made possible thanks to our partnership with Global.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To The Course!

    • 3 Quick Questions

    • Meet The Experts

  • 2

    Getting The Right Brief

    • Welcome To Module 1: Getting The Right Brief

    • What's Special About Outdoor?

    • Inspired Outdoor: A British Original

    • Inspired Outdoor: Specsavers

    • Being Intentional

    • Building The Bigger Picture

    • Review And Reflect On Outdoor

    • Selling Outdoor

    • The 1-Second Rule

    • That's A Wrap!

  • 3

    Exploring The Playground That's Out In The World

    • Welcome To Module 2

    • Outdoor In The Wild

    • Exploring The Context

    • Navigate The Landscape

    • Mapping Your User

    • Inspired Outdoor: The Last Photo

    • Finding The Fame - Earned & Craft

    • Finding the Fame - Reactive & Relevant

    • Explore The Playground Out There

    • That's A Wrap

  • 4

    Crafting The Campaign

    • Welcome To Module 3

    • Stretching Your Idea

    • Tactics To Get Noticed

    • Making Magic: Art Direction

    • Making Magic: Copywriting

    • Inspirational Outdoor: Getting The Basics Right

    • Stress-testing Your Execution

    • Putting It Into Practice: The Brief

    • Putting It Into Practice: Exploring The Location

    • Putting It Into Practice: Stretching Your Campaign

    • That's A Wrap