A Micro-Masterclass on creative leadership for the now

As the world changes and seemingly contracts, many of us are now leading teams across physical boundaries with teams across cities, countries, and even the world. This is the leadership of now.

Led by Becky McOwen-Banks, the aim of this Micro-Masterclass is to help us all to become better leaders, equipped for the now and aware of the challenges and changes ahead.

With insights and information drawn from a global survey of leaders from across industries, this course will help you reflect on your leadership style, understand how this fits into the current context of our changing world, and identify new behaviors, attitudes and methods to lead in the future.

This Micro-Masterclass should take around 1-hour to complete.

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    Learning to lead from a distance

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Becky McOwen-Banks

As a creative leader one of my super-powers has always been the ability to create energy and understanding within my teams: that magic created from casual conversations and spotting those that need lifting up from across the creative floor. As the way the world works is changing, not only through pandemics but also as more teams work across continents, I wondered if my powers still held, and how they would adapt to these greater challenges. Enabling people is a passion of mine - I truly believe great teams create great work. But without the spark of the everyday overlap how do we need to grow these talents to ensure creativity remains strong? This question, and my curiosity to learn from others and share knowledge, combined with my MBA studies started conversations around the world that I am continuing today. I look forward to you becoming part of this too.

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  • Who is this course for?

    D&AD's Micro-Masterclass on Learning to Lead from a Distance is for anyone in a leadership position who wants to become a better leader, equipped for the now and aware of the challenges and changes ahead.

  • Is this course full-time/part-time?

    This Micro-Masterclass is designed to take around 1 hour to complete.

  • Will I get a certificate at the end of this course?

    Yes! Once you've completed the course you can request a certificate.

  • How long do I have access?

    You have 6 months to complete this course.

  • What does my tuition cover?

    This course is free of charge to access.

  • Can I change my order?

    If you'd like to make any changes to your order then contact the team at [email protected] and we can help.

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