You are the thinkers, the doers, sometimes undoers, you ask why and just won't comply, you're the makers, breakers, talkers, shouters, defying all doubters - you keep refining your craft after the six hundredth draft and never ever stop. You are a Shifter.

Shift Campus will cover...

  • 1

    Shift Campus: Welcome to Shift Campus and Your Creative Self

    • Welcome to Shift Campus

    • Some housekeeping

    • About D&AD

    • Your creative self

    • About you

    • Meet your classmates

    • Sharing your work

    • Skills mapping - understanding your skill set and where you want to develop

    • Personal aims for the course

    • Welcome to Shift Campus and your creative self - session wrap up

  • 2

    Shift Campus: The Creative Industry and how work gets made

    • The Creative Industry and how work gets made

    • Your perceptions of the commercial creative industry

    • What is an agency?

    • Creative roles

    • Creative roles: strategy

    • Creative roles: advertising creative

    • Creative roles: design

    • Creative roles: production

    • Creative roles and where you fit in

    • Creative Industry - job role glossary

    • Creative Industry - terminology glossary

    • The breadth of work created in the industry

    • How work gets made: different departments

    • Media types and innovative use of media

    • The Creative Industry and how work gets made - session wrap-up

  • 3

    Shift Campus: Understanding briefs and audiences

    • Understanding briefs and audiences

    • It all starts with the brief

    • Interrogating your brief

    • Breaking down a brief

    • Why, who, what

    • An introduction to audiences

    • Where to look to understand people?

    • Understanding people though empathy and insight

    • Understanding briefs and audiences - session wrap up

  • 4

    Shift Campus: The ideas process and portfolios

    • The ideas process and portfolios

    • Ideas, ideas, ideas

    • The importance of ideas

    • The creative process and the double diamond

    • The first idea is rarely the best one...

    • Pushing your ideas

    • Creating a portfolio

    • Portfolio top tips from industry professionals

    • How you can showcase your creative work

    • The ideas process and portfolios - session wrap up

    • Shift Campus - wrap up

  • Who is Shift Campus for?

    If you're creative, and interested in learning about how you can get a job using those skills, Shift Campus is for you. You might be just finishing school or looking for a career change. This course will cover the very basics of the industry.

  • How long does Shift Campus take to complete?

    This course is made up of 4 sessions. Each session will take you around an hour to complete - longer if you'd like to spend more time on the tasks.

  • How much does Shift Campus cost?

    Nada. Zilch. Zero. It's free for everyone.

  • Will I get a certificate?

    Yes, if you complete the course in full, you will receive a certificate.

  • More questions?

    Drop us a line at [email protected]

This course is currently in beta testing. If you have feedback, would like to deliver Shift Campus to a closed group, or want to know more about our global roll out plans, please email [email protected]