About this course

Great stories are all around us. They help make sense of our identity and the world around us, and are hardwired into humanity to inspire us, share with others, and make us laugh and cry.

For brands, stories help build an enduring emotional attachment with their consumers. They underpin the most compelling and persuasive advertising and brand strategies, can inspire action, and communicate commitments and values.

This 3-part course explores the principles of great storytelling, from structure and narrative arc, brand characterisation and deploying stroies tactfully and strategically. This course will also help you understand how to apply those principles to the world of commercial creativity, whether your chosen storytelling platform is a piece of packaging, a game, a film or any other medium.

By the end of the on-demand Masterclass you will: 

  • Understand the fundamental building blocks of a story, including the 7 basic plots, narrative arcs and more

  • Know when, where and how to effectively deploy storytelling

  • Explore storytelling in different medium, including social media, packaging and film advertising

  • Craft a narrative to apply to any medium

  • Know how to find and articulate a brand story
  • Know what elements make up a compelling story

Who’s it for:

  • Everyone who wants to understand how to use story

  • Marketers looking to uncover stories within the brands they work for

  • Any brand communications needing to weave stories into everything they do

  • Commercial creatives looking to enhance their storytelling skills

  • Anyone wanting to understand the power of storytelling

This course comes in 3 parts.


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  • Who is this course for?

    Storytelling For Action is for everyone who wants to understand how to use story, marketers looking to uncover stories within the brands they work for and anyone specialising in brand communications that needs to weave stories into everything they do. Ultimately, it's for commercial creatives in brands, agencies and studios looking to enhance their storytelling skills.

  • Is this course full-time/part-time?

    This course is designed to take around 20 hours to complete, but you can do this in your own time and at your own pace - all in one day, split over weeks or even across several months.

  • Will I get a certificate at the end of this course?

    Yes! Once you've completed the course you can request a certificate.

  • How long do I have access?

    You have 6 months to complete this course.

  • What does my tuition cover?

    Your tuition covers access to the course for a full 6 months, all the video content and downloadable worksheets.

  • Can I change my order?

    If you'd like to make any changes to your order then contact the team at [email protected] and we can help.

  • How can I contact an instructor?

    This course is self-directed and designed for you to complete by yourself, with the support of peers learning alongside you. If you need help, feel free to contact one of the D&AD team at [email protected].